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I wrote a cute/lovely/angsty/cool 500 words flashfic, inspired by a few songs on the play list. First person, which I sometimes fall into but rarely actually like. LeeGaara, with, like, ouchiness to it, which I also sometimes fall into, but seldom choose to write.

It was done. Spellchecked. Whittled to 500 words exactly. Not 499, not 501. 500. With clear, clean sentences. A nice beginning, a hard hitting ending. I saved it. I went to get the links for the song so I could post them as well. I cut and paste them and a header into the fic folder, and saved it... made a change to the author's note, saved again.

Realized belatedly that during the first cut and paste, I had copied over the fic, and that during the second, I had made it irrecoverable.

Fic. Death.

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Cut for Writing Rambling and Whining )

So word count for the day is: 1080. Go, me.
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I downloaded yet another client, because my Semagic is setup to go through Ujournal, which means it doesn't work quite so nicely anymore with LiveJournal. And I'm all about the lazy, which means I wanted an easy to use client. Well, this is it. But it has none of the pretty little things I'm used to, so...I guess I'll have to get used to that, right? But that's okay. It'll work.

First, it has to be bigger. *enlarges the little box* And then it has to have a subject line. *adds that in* Not much else I can do with it, I don't think. Which is kind of sucky, but I'll live. And it's better than having to go to the site, I'll admit that much. I have this aversion to the sites, for some reason. *shrugs* But it's all good, I think.

And it's free, so I won't complain. I do want my Semagic, though. *shrugs* Ah, well...

This is Rae. This is Rae not working on anything. I did have a story idea, though. And I think I can con someone into helping me flesh it out and work on the details. We all like fluff, right? Fluff is good, fluff is great... and I'm going away now. Lavie and I are going to play.


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