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Missed calls and cuteness )

I love my boys.
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I took my laptop to a place in Sturgis because of the virus. They didn't have time to fix it today. Given the option of taking it home and letting it frustrate and annoy me like it was doing last night, or to leave it there and pick it up tomorrow, I left it.

I couldn't handle the stress, especially not after I was ready to rip Isis apart for being -nice- last night. (On a side note, I think I'm heading into PMS.)

So, I'll have the computer back tomorrow, probably just in time to go to work. I'm going to spend today cleaning, playing video games, and watching more of the VHS tapes Aphrael sent me a year ago. ^__^;; I think I'm only nine eps into HnG.

So, hugs and love to you all, I'll see you later.

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It is now 6: 44am. I was woken up by EMILY's alarm clock in the next room (she lets it go all weekend).

I now have to get up and go to Kroger (7:30-4)

I am so sorry, Isis, but... *hugs* I think you and I are both in agreement that if I slept nine -solid- hours, I needed it. >_< I obviously didn't realize how much I needed a nap.

Isis, for the trip? You have to talk her out of it. Because even if you had a million dollars AND me as your end goal? Someone is still going to get hurt/killed/maimed.


[Edit: this was supposed to be an email, but the virus won't let me scan it. >_< Fucking THING!]


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