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Title: Third Wheel
Written For: [livejournal.com profile] insane_duckfish for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti
Fandom: ST: AOS
Word Count: 1047 words
Rating: NC-17/NSFW
Notes: Set (vaguely) after the main events of the movie, assuming the crew spent some time on Earth before heading out on their mission. Offer made under [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams. Betaed by the forever fabulous [livejournal.com profile] twinsarein.
Prompt: Kirk/Gaila/Uhura would be hot like burning. and I have such an epic love for bondage!fic, omg.

Summary: In the game of sexual oneupmanship, there's no way Jim could top this.

When the door slid open, Jim was reminded of the last time he'd been in Gaila's bed when Uhura returned. "Shit." He tugged on the silk ropes holding him to the bed, but they were secure. "Gaila," he whispered, loudly. There was no answer from the refresher, where she'd disappeared just seconds after tying the last knot.

The lights went up and Uhura stepped around the petition between the beds and the door. She stopped when she saw him, her eyebrows going up. Jim smiled and waved one bound hand. She rolled her eyes and moved through the room. The refresher door opened and then closed behind her, leaving Jim alone and horny and a bit confused.

When the door opened a moment later, Uhura came out alone. She ignored him as she unzipped her boots and freed her feet from their constraints.

"Uh, are you just going to leave me here?" Jim asked. He wasn't complaining if that was the case. Only a fool would pass up a free show if that's what Uhura was offering. Somehow, he doubted it'd be that easy.

Uhura looked at him speculatively for a long moment before finally lifting one of her legs -- long and lean and perfect -- over his chest and settling on top of him. "You have been very glib since I met you, to the point where I have wondered if you knew how to be silent."

"Not really," Jim tosses back. He'd gotten a lovely flash of panties as she'd moved her leg over him and her position was really more suggestive of sex than a lecture. He waggled his eyebrows at her. "Not unless I have something better to do with my mouth."

"He can do a lot of things with it, too," Gaila chimed in. She'd gone in to the refresher wearing her cadet uniform and had come out in a white negligee that barely covered her hips. Jim licked his lips and imagined running his tongue around the hem, smooth skin under his mouth and the silk brushing his cheek. "Why don't you show her, Jim?"

He turned his attention back to Uhura and searched her expression for a joke. Surely, she wasn't... She leaned down, hair trailing over his chest. "Why don't you show me... Jim?"

"Yes," he agreed, shuddering. He tried to move his hands, but the ropes held him. He smirked. "You're going to have to get us started on your own, though."

She lifted herself away and Jim bit back his groan of disappointment until he realized it was only so she could finish removing her clothes. Uniform red was followed to the floor by prim white, leaving her bare to his gaze. His dick twitched, as did his fingers. He wanted some part of himself in her. He licked his lips, mouth watering as she moved back to the bed.

Gaila came up on the other side, and the women leaned across Jim to kiss. He stared in helpless fascination as they leaned into each other, hands coming up to cup well-formed breasts and to glide, green against dark against green. As a long time fan of girl-on-girl action, he thought about letting them continue, but it was an errant, short-lived thought. Why watch when he could participate?

"Ladies," he called softly. They broke apart with a last flicker of tongue, Gaila leaning in to Uhura before settling back. He smiled up at both of them. "Not that I'm not enjoying the show, because I think it's obvious to all of us that I am," he lifted his hips, but neither looked down at his neglected erection. "But I think there's a challenge on the table?"

It took a bit of maneuvering before Uhura was straddled over Jim's face, her hands bracing herself against the wall. She was already wet, her smell strong and Jim groaned in appreciate as he pressed his face against her mound, mouth open and his tongue pressed to her clit. Her body twitched in reaction and a hand came down to grip Jim's hair. She didn't pull him away or closer, just held on as he laved his tongue against her.

Hands trailed over his chest, down his torso, and around the base of his penis before slim fingers slid up in a teasing caress. Jim lost the rhythm as Gaila set up one of her own, the tease. "I told you, didn't I?" he heard her say, sounding pleased. As well she should be. In their sexual one-up-man-ship, scoring Uhura put her at the top forevermore. And despite the fact that Jim was enjoying the getting, he knew he wasn't the reason Uhura was there.

Still, he was up to the challenge and the sound Uhura made as he tongued her labia and then licked into the heart of her said he was doing well to make good on Gaila's boast. His saliva mixed with her juices and they ran down his chin and tickled along his throat as he pressed his tongue inside.

He tried to protest when Gaila stopped touching him, but Uhura did use her grip on his hair then, keeping him pressed against her. He hummed when he felt Gaila's fingers sliding in alongside his tongue and he left her to that as he licked his way back to Uhura's clit. She shuddered as they worked on her and her mouth emitted the sexiest litany of filth he'd ever heard, a combination of curses and orders in half a dozen languages that never touched on Standard or Orion.

Uhura was a woman well-versed in her own body and she finally called an end to her own pleasure, lifting herself away from Jim and out of reach of his mouth. Gaila was there almost instantly, face split in a wide grin.

"I love the taste of pussy," Gaila said happily, lapping at Jim's chin before finally meeting his mouth. There was nothing but the taste of Uhura and Jim whimpered as hands ghosted over his groin. "Don't worry, Jim. We'll make it good for you," the Orion promised as she slid away again, down his chest and to the side opposite Uhura.

The smirk on Uhura's face warned of a long night at their mercy, as did her satisfied, "Eventually."
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