Aug. 28th, 2006

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Title: Lust
Author: Rae
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: RM/RZ
Warnings/Notes: I'm a geek who loves geeks. Written for [ profile] rosewildeirish in response to the prompt "lust."

Summary: Lust as ruled by physics.

100 words exactly. R/R. )
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[ profile] ice_is_blue has been very kindly prompting me for... oh, ever? ^__^ But I've jumped my self-imposed, for-no-real-reason, word total from 1k a day to 2k. And today is already mostly a failure. Sometimes I only get a drabble, sometimes only a 500 word ficlet... sometimes an idea goes nowhere and I have to ask for something else.

So, I've been thinking, I'd give out a bit of a challenge. Leave a reply with one word, and I will do my best to write something on it. Don't leave a pairing or a fandom, though, because I tend to let the words do that for itself. Odd, yes, but it works out the best. You can leave a pairing, and I'll attempt it first, but it's less likely that I'll end up using it than using the word alone.

If I can get it to a point where I'm happy with it, as with the ficlets and drabbles I've been posting, then I'll share it. Other times, I leave the fics on the chopping blocks of my mind because I can't work around a spot, can't find the right words for an idea, etc. But I'll try. Leave one word, leave a list. ^__^ Not too long, though. Obscure is fine, as I don't mind looking them up, but what I come up with is very likely -not- what you were probably thinking.

That's all the warnings, what 'rule's' there are. ^__^
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Title: Less to Lose
Author: Rae
Fandom: HP
No pairing, Lupin-centric, Harry
Warnings/Notes: Lupin introspection. Rose said "HP" not H/D, and I said "It'll probably be a Snape/Lupin" but it wasn't. Written for [ profile] rosewildeirish for the prompt of "Pride/Jealousy."

Summary: Lupin contemplates dichotomy.

Less to Lose. 255 words. Gen, Lupin. )


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