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I feel a little better now. 12420 words for the end of the week. So, I made my daily word count and this weeks word count (which was around 11669) and I'm going to go off and start tomorrow's word count now, because I had a fantastic nap earlier.

So, more writing time!
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Um... I started yestereday with a word count of something like 11840, or something like that. It was very pretty, and it meant that I had an entire day's worth of writing to act as a buffer.

So, then I decide that, well, I can chop the last 400 words of the first chapter and rewrite it without too much problem. Did that, came back up to my word count, was happy.

But that meant that I lost 400 words at the beginning of chapter two. And another 500 at the end. And, um... that's a little harder to come back from, so now I'm at 11042 words. Still completely doable, I'm still -not- behind, because I was ahead and now I've lost the buffer it just means I'm on track.

*sniffles* Yet that means my buffer is (currently) gone, and today is the day I need it most, because it's Wednesday, Humpday, and EVERYTHING IS DUE IN TWO DAYS!!!!!

Program, program, diode lab report, homework...

Not that everything isn't doable, and not that I probably won't put my writing first, but it makes me sad that I lost my buffer just as my stress is skyrocketing.

Also: quiz on Friday. Over stuff that will probably slay my brain.

Give me my Tuesday back, you infernal Internal Editor!


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