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Title: The Long and Short of It
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raegan_1
Fandom, Pairing: Naruto, KakaIru
Rating: G
Word Count: 500 exactly
Notes/Warnings: Written for the 100 Ways to Fall Drabble Challenge at the [livejournal.com profile] kakairu community. There is a limit of one post per person. I fit both in together, because I could and I wanted to. Unbetaed.
Summary: Within 500 words (the limit of an LJ comment), describe the EXACT MOMENT Kakashi or Iruka falls in love with the other

Story can be: found here
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Title: Persistence of Memory
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz, Knight Hunters
Word Count: 651
Pairings: Gen, Schuldig PoV
Note: I was originally going to write this prompt using SGA as my fandom, but I couldn't pull it tight enough.
Summary: After the fall of Estet, Schuldig indulges himself in a new life. Too bad it's not his to keep.

He locks the fatigue behind a half-smile... )

Prompted by: Fic-A-Week Prompt Table
Prompt date: 20080412
Written: 20080412, 2030 hours
Prompt: 04/12 Ensorcell
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Untitled Interlude
Fandom: Yami no Matsui
Spoilers: None, post-series (maybe)
Words: 403
Pairings: Gen.
Note: A little bit of nothing, quite honestly.

The rain had turned to mist... )

Prompted by: Isis
Prompt date: 20080320
Written: 20080321, 0100
Prompt: mist, window, trail, fingers, seldom
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Title: Plan B
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raegan_1
Rating: Everyone
Prompt(from Isis): charm, drift, (mirror, which I failed to incorporate)
Word Count: 1141
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Notes: Post-War. 1/15th schmoopy. Is only 1/30th betaed, but has been awarded Isis' "Ark-Ark" Seal of Approval.

Summary: Draco has had a long week, Snape is stupid, and Harry, despite his hands being tied (almost literally), still manages to make things better.

Plan B. 1141 Words. )
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Title: Lion at Play
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raegan_1
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 858
Pairing: Harry/Neville/Draco
Warnings: Spanking, threesome (of a kind), in-charge!Harry, inexcuseable semi-smut.
Beta Credit: [livejournal.com profile] ice_is_blue, as always, has been kind enough to poke and prod and tweak the initial version. Final version has not been rebetaed.
Notes: Funny but true. I wrote this for the [livejournal.com profile] pervy_werewolf February Fuq thing... guess what's missing? *facepalm* That's right; the pervy werewolf. On the bright side, this is a nice bit of porn, if I do say so myself. (And I do.)

Summary: Neville is hesitant to try new things, but Harry is willing to lend a hand.

858 words )
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Title: Less to Lose
Author: Rae
Fandom: HP
No pairing, Lupin-centric, Harry
Warnings/Notes: Lupin introspection. Rose said "HP" not H/D, and I said "It'll probably be a Snape/Lupin" but it wasn't. Written for [livejournal.com profile] rosewildeirish for the prompt of "Pride/Jealousy."

Summary: Lupin contemplates dichotomy.

Less to Lose. 255 words. Gen, Lupin. )
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[livejournal.com profile] ice_is_blue has been very kindly prompting me for... oh, ever? ^__^ But I've jumped my self-imposed, for-no-real-reason, word total from 1k a day to 2k. And today is already mostly a failure. Sometimes I only get a drabble, sometimes only a 500 word ficlet... sometimes an idea goes nowhere and I have to ask for something else.

So, I've been thinking, I'd give out a bit of a challenge. Leave a reply with one word, and I will do my best to write something on it. Don't leave a pairing or a fandom, though, because I tend to let the words do that for itself. Odd, yes, but it works out the best. You can leave a pairing, and I'll attempt it first, but it's less likely that I'll end up using it than using the word alone.

If I can get it to a point where I'm happy with it, as with the ficlets and drabbles I've been posting, then I'll share it. Other times, I leave the fics on the chopping blocks of my mind because I can't work around a spot, can't find the right words for an idea, etc. But I'll try. Leave one word, leave a list. ^__^ Not too long, though. Obscure is fine, as I don't mind looking them up, but what I come up with is very likely -not- what you were probably thinking.

That's all the warnings, what 'rule's' there are. ^__^
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Author: Rae
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Lupin
Note: The following two stories are in no way related, though they share the same pairing and origin. Isis was kind enough to indulge me in a 'challenge' of sorts, wherein we had thirt minutes to work on two prompts. Hers is currently locked, as it's part of a longer story she's doing, but mine were complete in and of themselves, and thereby free to share. Please enjoy.

Title: Sunrise
Summary: Snape waits for the sunrise the morning after the night before.

Sunrise. Word Count: 456 )

* * *

Title: Lillets
Summary: The Snape-Lupin household has an infestation. Started for the prompt from Isis: "The Snupin fic in which Snape and Lupin go snoopin' for somthin'." Less to do with the prompt, but...

Lillets. Word Count: 417 )


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