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Video Crack: David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" and a video that would have scarred me if I weren't already, um... challenged. ^__^

Mildly creepy: "Tales from the Darkside" introduction.

Also creepy, and a reason to be thankful for living in the now: Links to Wikipedia. Torture, torture, and more torture.

I would throw something else up here, non-creepy-ish, but... well, I have nothing.

Except for some random story links that I have saved away for me, on days when rereading is safer than looking for something new.

Spander fic (Spike/Xander for the uninitiated): Untitled "Drabble" which is actually a decent short story length. As said to me by Isis, it ends at just the right moment. Nice read, happy-making fic, worksafe.

Original fic: "When You Are Out There On The Road" by Ephemera. I don't know why or when it was written, but I like it a lot. It has one of my favorite get-together premises (best friends to lovers) and it's neither too fast or too slow of a pace to get us to the end. It's a bit not worksafe at the end, be warned.

Shakespeare: My very favorite thing the man ever wrote, "The Phoenix and the Turtle" (Turtle being turtle dove, to my belief.) Simple, short (for Shakespeare) and very nice to read.

Happy Video: Ozone, "Dragonstea Din Tei" in English, with a nifty cartoon video. It makes me happy. *does the dance of happy*

And now I'm going to go write HP!spankin!porn. Because I can. And should.


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