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Title: Follow the Leader
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams
Written For: [livejournal.com profile] sumofparts for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti
Fandom: ST: AOS
Word Count: 580 words
Notes: Set post-movie with vague references to some events. Pre-slash.
Prompt: Sulu only or with [...] Kirk - in a pairing or gen is fine

Summary: It's not a lesson; they already know the steps.

Hikaru let his friend pull him onto the dance floor with a laugh. "I'm pretty sure I saw your boyfriend here earlier."

Nyota sighed as they settled into the first steps of the waltz. "He's babysitting the captain. Apparently, there's some princess with an eye for gold. The color, not the mineral."

"A gold stripper instead of a gold-" She squeezed his hand until his words cut off in a wince. "Sorry, sorry, bad joke." They danced through two numbers and Hikaru released her into the arms of an Andorian ambassador for one dance before cutting in again at the end of the song, responding to the irritation in her eyes.

It was another half hour before Spock and Kirk returned to the gala, the captain having changed to a green variant of his dress uniform. Nyota thanked Hikaru for the dance and his company before leaving him at the empty table reserved for their group. He took his earlier seat, surprised and pleased when a waiter immediately brought a fresh glass of water.

Kirk slid into the vacant seat on Hikaru's left. "It's like a double date."

"I wouldn't say that out loud," Hikaru warned, fighting back a grin. "Nyota won't like hearing that you're dating her boyfriend, especially not when she had to settle for my company while the two of you were off gallivanting among the locals."

"Funny." There was a pause as they watched Uhura and Spock circle past again. "Why are you sitting this one out?"

"Because our First Officer stole my dance partner." He waited for the captain to point out the other dancers, but the suggestion never came.

Instead, Kirk rose from his chair and offered Hikaru his hand. "If I may, Lieutenant?"

Hikaru hesitated only a moment before putting his hand in Kirk's and rising to join him. To his surprise, Kirk settled into position to follow.

As if reading his surprise, the captain said, "I lead enough." Their hands folded together and Kirk pressed closer than normal propriety allowed. "A good leader knows when and who to follow."

It was an unexpected compliment, the meaning of the words stretched beyond a simple dance, and Hikaru stumbled as he set them in motion. "Thank you, Captain."

"Jim, please. Spock's already captained me to death tonight." They ended up circling the floor opposite of Spock and Nyota and Hikaru pretended he didn't see the latter smirking in his direction. Kirk -- Jim -- the captain danced fine. He had an innate grace and the motor control and agility one would expect from martial artist. He might not have had training in dance, but he could definitely follow.

"Do you know how to lead?" Hikaru asked, avoiding the problem of names entirely.

Kirk flashed a grin. Hikaru saw it coming and followed easily as the captain hijacked the lead for a moment, demonstrating that he could, in fact, do so. The switch back was just as smooth, Hikaru leading once more.

"A demonstration wasn't required," Hikaru informed him.

"You sound like Uhura," the captain said, shrugging it off. "It's been awhile. Better to prove to us both that I can do it than to have you doubt me forever, Lieutenant."

"I have every faith in you," Hikaru chose is words carefully, aware the captain would win in a war of semantics. "Surprise isn't the same as doubt."

Jim smiled. "Duly noted, Lieutenant."

"Hikaru," he supplied.

The captain smirked as if he'd achieved something. "Hikaru."
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