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Title: So It Was
Written For: [livejournal.com profile] insane_duckfish for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti
Fandom: ST: AOS
Word Count: 850 words
Rating: G
Notes: Set post-movie and featuring the conversion of three dimensions. Offer made under [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams. Betaed by the forever fabulous [livejournal.com profile] twinsarein
Prompt: something set in AOS post-movie about Kirk being resurrected and finding Spock again [...] and if aos!Kirk and aos!Spock had a cameo, in which they realise that their TOS counterparts are together, but they aren't interested in each other, and are suddenly giving each other incredibly awkward looks

Summary: The convergence of dimensions and lives is not always chaotic or destructive.

"The Admiral does not speak much," Spock remarks.

Jim smirks, sidestepping to let an ensign pass and incidentally invading Spock's space. Their arms brush. "If that's your way of telling me I talk too much..."

"It is not that you speak 'too much'," the First Officer clarifies. He doesn't sound disapproving, either, which kind of stomps all over Jim's theory. "I noticed a conciseness to his speech and simply wished to express curiosity as to whether such a trait was learned with age, or if it is yet another example of divergence between our time lines."

"Divergence," Jim answers thoughtfully. Spock raises an eyebrow at his quick response, but Jim has had the same thoughts himself. "Too many other things are different. Reading habits, family relations. We don't even flirt alike!" Which had led him to wonder if they were at all similar sexually. Probably not. They didn't seem to share a type, either, considering the portion of the evening the admiral had spent staring at Spock.

Speaking of which. Jim comes to a sudden stop, unsurprised when Spock stops alongside and turns inquiringly. "Is there a problem, Captain?"

"Not a problem. But, the Admiral was checking you out, wasn't he?" There's an infinitesimal twitch before Spock opens his mouth and Jim rolls eyes and continues on, recognizing the start of a Vulcan deflection. "Colloquialism, you know what I meant. He was looking at you like he found you to be particularly attractive sexually."

"You seem to have answered your own question," Spock says with a fair degree of coolness. He starts walking again, hands folded behind his back. "I do not believe his interest in me to be personal in nature. Merely a side effect of my strong resemblance to the Spock from his timeline."

"It's a little like thinking of my grandparents having sex," Jim muses, though that's not entirely true. The older version of Spock had aged well and... yeah, he could have seen tapping that, maybe. He could have gone for the old one instead of his own First Officer, that was certain. He slides a sideways glance at Spock, only to find the Vulcan looking back at him with one eyebrow cocked.

He has the frightening thought that Spock's mirror his own. Jim shakes his head. "Let's go find Bones. I feel a sudden need for medical attention."

* * *

The construction of the Vulcan settlement has gone well. Admiral James T. Kirk watches out the shuttle windows with appreciation. It's not like returning 'home' to Vulcan and the desert sand is the wrong color for his memories, but at this port, it is very easy to pick out the only familiar shape he needs.

His counterpart stirs as they make their final approach. "You sure you're ready for this reunion?" he asks. His words are a combination of kindness and curiosity, with maybe a hint of well-hidden trepidation. Despite their many differences, Jim can see much of himself in the young man. "You guys have been apart a long time."

"Parted and never parted," Jim recites, the words echoing deep. An infinite number of alternate universes and he found one with two Spocks and one James Kirk. "It would be more true to say we've never been together." Despite putting the thought into words, he doesn't quite believe them himself. The Spock he has already met was so like his own, if two decades younger than Jim's lover when he died.

The landing is a little rough, evidenced only by a light shudder and a dull thud. Then the captain -- and here, his younger self outranks Jim, who may answer to the title of 'Admiral' still but has none of the authority of it — and the first officer rise. The rest of the landing party files out first and at the door, Kirk turns and offers Jim a grin. "I don't know how this is going to go, given my own experience with Spocks. Good luck."

He ducks outside before Jim can respond, leaving him in the shadowed interior. The Admiral watches as they greet and are greeted by the Ambassador Spock. He is cordial with the younger version of himself, but he and Kirk reach for each other, clasping hands, a gesture Jim recalls from his own past.

Dark eyes turn toward the shuttle and Jim knows he cannot hide any longer. Head held high, he steps into the glaring light of afternoon and approaches the party.

There is not a well-known rule for how to greet an alternate dimension's version of your long-deceased lover and at first, all they do is stare at one another. He came here with few expectations, but with the hope of friendship. What comes from his mouth, finally, is not a friend's address but a lover's. "We meet at the appointed place."

The fingers that brush his face are familiar, as is the warmth of the mind that reaches for him. "I await you." For a heartbeat, two, it is not his Spock and then the weak tendrils of a long-dormant bond are stirred and it is.
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