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Every Day was a project dragged out over several years, a haunting tune in the back of my mind for a good long while before it was finished.

If you haven't and would like to read the story, it is here Every Day.

And now, for the writerly blah-blah behind Every Day. There will be spoilers for the story in the following OnWriting section

It started as a cliched idea. The Digimon characters have a people-auction. I considered Daisuke going up for bid and then had the horrible, heart-breaking thought that only Ken, post-season 2, would bid on him as anything more than a kindness. Horrible thought about my favorite character, but whatever. It was there and while I would pay a lot for Daisuke, I had another idea.

What if Daisuke did the buying? Well, okay, but then comes the issue of where he obtains the money. Because Ken must have a fan club and they'd be able to pool their funds.

Okay, actually, step back. There was no real deep thinking at the beginning of this story. I didn't actually sit and parse these questions before I began. Because, really? The principal gives him that much money for the auction? Yeah, no. But thoughts like the above did go through my mind at the beginning, all in about thirty seconds, and crammed together as they were, I paid none of them much heed. So, yeah. No deep thinking at all.

But then the story progressed. There were the dogs, whom I love and adore. Vee is such a spastic puppy in my mind, he's adorable. He's an outdoor dog because he would have tore the house down in a day if left inside. I liked Jun's big-sisterlyiness that wasn't overly invasive, and, in my mind, is true to the canon. We don't really see Jun in a good light and her and Daisuke seem to always be at odds, but they're siblings and the love is there. So the distant guardianship works for me. She's not his mother and she doesn't try to be. She's not quite his friend, because there is the age difference, the maturity difference, and the guardianship relationship.

Partway through, maybe three or four chapters in, [livejournal.com profile] ice_is_blue began to beta for me. She found my word errors, she corrected some of the foolish things I tried to do. And a story that had started out rediculous in execution ended up much better for the hand she took to it. I had to sit and consider their actions, the repercussions, the outcome of events. She made me think, so instead of having this rather long-ish fluff piece where there was no conflict and they spent a lot of time with the dogs are playing soccer, knew things happened.

The fan club reappeared. Takeru and Hikari explained to me what had happened to end their friendship with Daisuke. Ken's parents found out. Now, for those who have read it, you know there's not a lot of angst or tension. It is a fluff-fest. But it's a fluff-fest with moments of tension, with events that make the characters think about what they're doing and make a decision that's made a little bit harder because of those events. Ken and Daisuke don't get to just be; they have friends, families, and whatnot to consider, and so they do consider those things. However briefly.

I wanted, once upon a time, to write a sequel to this. Show them coming out at school and the outcome of that. But the rest of the student body doesn't matter, not since during the course of Every Day (ED), all the destined pretty much know and don't care beyond the fact that Daisuke and Ken are happy. I thought about Daisuke and Jun's parents finding out, but that wasn't that interesting of a story to me in the long-run. I thought about Iori, who was mentioned all of once in the story.

But in the end, as I wrote the rather short epilgue to ED, I decided I had told the story I wanted to tell. Not the story I had set out to tell, for sure. But I was satisfied with the end of the story ED became, and that's a lovely feeling.

I had brought Daisuke and Ken together. I had let them see enough of each other that they could make a somewhat informed decision about their relationship. They are very honest with each other over the course of their week together. Daisuke asks for a pretense but Ken goes a step further. He doesn't pretend to like Daisuke, he just likes him. So, for two people who started out with the potential for deceit, there was none. There are still things to be disclosed (Ken's nightmares and such, for example) but they know better than a lot of teenagers who the other is.

Doubtless, things change when they return to school, but only as much as the boys are willing to allow them to do so. Their plans to meet up, their willingness to make time for each other? That's what counts.

Do I think the characters changed over the course of the story? Yes.

Daisuke starts out feeling rather unloveable. Through Ken's actions and feeilngs towards him, and helped along by Takeru's confession, Daisuke finds a bit of confidence in himself. The uncertainty is there, but Daisuke can see beyond it in a way he couldn't in the first chapter.

And Ken... Ken was extremely isolated through his own actions. He kept apart and he didn't try beyond the academics and soccer. He let Daisuke coax him out of that box and that is signified by the exchange with Miyako at the end.

This is a story that, while the beginning bothers me in parts, I am going to leave as it is. Because overall, this story makes me happy.


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