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For the time being, I'm going to list fic by fandom and pairing, but not individually. This will allow readers to find the fandom they want, and will give them the best access to story notes/ratings/summaries. It is done by sending you after the tags. :D

Fandoms are alphabetical, though pairings are not.

Note: Name-mushing does not imply seme/uke or top/bottom relationship. It's simply a convention used to identify pairing. Also, if there is only one pairing (even if it's gen) listed after a fandom, that's because there's likely one fic posted here.

By Fandom, and then by Pairing
-Daikensuke (Daisuke/Ken)
-Taikeru (Taichi/Takeru)

Fruits Basket

Gundam Wing
-3 4 (Trowa/Quatre)

Harry Potter
-Snupin (Snape/Lupin)
-H/D (Harry/Draco)
-Snaco (Snape/Draco)
-Snack (Snape/Black)

-M/M, no names given
-Harry Potter fic without pairings, generally character-centric

-KakaIru (Kakashi/Iruka)
-LeeGaara (Lee/Gaara)
-GaiKaka (Gai(Guy)/Kakashi)

Star Trek

Stargate: Atlantis

Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters
-Weiss Kreuz fic without pairings.

Yami No Matsui/Descedents of Darkness. These will always be Hisoka/Tsuzuki, unless gen.
-Yami no Matsui fic without pairings.

More of my fiction, specifically Digimon, Gundam Wing, and Hikaru no Go (only) can be found at Fanfiction.net: More ficcage here. As of October of '09, Smallville fic is here.

Edit 12/08/09: Removed all links that went only to private-locked entries.

on 2009-12-09 09:31 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] qbic1.livejournal.com
Thank you for this ... you have no idea how terminally confused I am and this helps marvelously. I love your fic .. and probably don't say it enough but - Damn, you're Good!!!

on 2009-12-10 05:58 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] raegan-1.livejournal.com
^__^ I'm glad to know it helps! Honestly, I figure most of the people who happen along here are likely after a certain pairing or fandom anyway, and it just seemed easiest. I kind of envy those organized people who include summaries and such as well, but I was not feeling that energetic at the time. The tags alone took a fair bit of time to wrangle together and fic.

(I'll admit that I cleaned up quite a few tags and such when I did this, too, because it was a chaotic free for all beforehand.)

I'm really glad to hear that you like my stuff. I know some of the older things are rougher, but I occasionally surprise myself when I reread some things ("Not a Tale of Thumbelina" if you're into Harry Potter and Draco/Snape; "Talk of Life After" from Naruto (I think you commented on that one); "Once Upon a Halloween" in Digimon, Daikensuke).


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