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Oct. 3rd, 2010 03:10 am
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So, I went ahead and signd up for [livejournal.com profile] 50_smutlets and nabbed the pairing "Snape/Lupin." Because, while I don't have an OTP, it's one of my favorite pairings and one of the few Isis will beta for me. Some of the others are questionable. :D I've had this up since I asked for the pairing, but waited to post the table publicly until the site mod gave me the go ahead on the pairing.

ETA: Rating system:
A - adult (semi to fully descriptive sex)
M - mature (sexual situations, violence)
T - teen (touchy situations, some violence)
E - everyone (Nothing objectionable, aside from a kiss here and there.)

ETA2: Last Updated: 2007/03/30 (Prompt 19)

001. Day 002. Night 003. Love 004. Lust 005. Rough
006. Gentle 007. Beach 008. School 009. Cemetery 010. Woods
011. Bathroom 012. Bedroom 013. Kitchen 014. Submissive 015. Flying
016. Magic - A 017. Costumes 018. Paddle 019. Restraints - A 020. Leather
021. Banana 022. Whipped Cream 023. Oral 024. Voyeurism 025. Erotica
026. On Camera 027. Sight 028. Sound 029. Touch 030. Taste - A
031. Feel 032. Fingers 033. Lips 034. Biting 035. Phone
036. Computer 037. Fantasy 038. Shower 039. Washing 040. Swimming
041. Spanking 042. Music 043. Toys 044. In Drag 045. Thigh Highs
046. Massage Oil 047. Silk Sheets 048. Chocolate 049. Candles 050. Writer's Choice

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